Country Dog Heavy Duty Waterproof Rectangular Cushion Pad Dog Bed

Regular price £23.69

A versatile and practical dog bed with many applications ideal for country dogs who get dirty on a regular basis available in four sizes. Covered in a heavy duty hard wearing 100% polyester waterproof material treated with a water repellent coating which is easy to keep clean, brush off loose dirt, wipe with a wet cloth and then rinse under a running tap / hose or even a low setting on a pressure washer. Filled with a soft bonded pad of thermal polyester fibre to give warmth, insulation and comfort. Especially recommended for use with dog crates sizes match the 76cm, 91cm, 107cm and 122cm sizes and ideal for use in the backs of cars. Available in seven colourways and four sizes. All measurements given are subject to slight variations due to manufacturing process.

Size External
2 Medium L76cm X W53cm X D5cm
3 Large L85cm X W61cm X D5cm
4 Extra Large L104cm X W74cm X D5cm
5 Jumbo L120cm X W74cm X D5cm
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