Babies, kids and dogs - Creating a safe and harmonious relationship

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With information and guidance on how to develop a safe and harmonious relationship between children and dogs, this book provides step-by-step exercises to prepare dogs to be around babies and children, helps manage first interactions, teaches children how to behave appropriately around dogs, and encourages positive relationships.

  • Step-by-step exercises to help prepare your dog for children
  • Training your dog to have manners around children
  • Colour photographs to assist in training
  • Promoting positive, safe and harmonious interactions
  • Educational illustrations to engage your children
  • Teaching your children how to behave appropriately around dogs
  • Developing an understanding of bite prevention
  • Developing lifelong skills around animals
  • From authors who are canine trainers, behaviourists and parents
  • Written with the animals welfare needs in mind

Children and dogs both benefit mentally and physically from a harmonious relationship. Dogs help to develop empathy and social skills in children, as well as build their confidence. It is, however, important to also develop this confidence in our dogs, and prepare them to be around babies and children. Bite prevention is vital, and, therefore, we need to teach our dogs and children how to behave correctly around and with each other.
'Babies, Kids and Dogs' will help you to create safe, positive and harmonious relationships between your children and your dog, and allow your dog to relax in the presence of children. Included within are instructional colour photographs, tables to assist with assessing and training your dog, and step-by-step training exercises. Educational illustrations of Charlie and Champ will also help engage your young children, in order to teach them about behaving appropriately when interacting with their canine friends. Throughout the book are ideas to promote safe interactions, and develop lifelong friendships.

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